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A collaboration of researches from the Imperial College London, the University of Stuttgart, the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg and the University of Southampton succeeded in demonstrating writing to and reading from a quantum memory. The used photons were created in a single-photon source...

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The two application areas 'Time&Frequency' (T&F) and 'Quantum Communication' (QuC) have special technical requirements for data networks. For the transfer of high-quality signals, T&F requires bi-directional amplification, which in conventional data networks requires the signals to be...

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We have extended our Quantum Simulation portal. You will now find documents in which we describe our impressions of various quantum simulators that we have installed and tried (german language) out. Also a catalog (german language) with simulators that we think are interesting.

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In the future, articles with tutorial character will be published in this new section. It can be found in the Quantum Technologies portal alongside other sections such as Fundamentals, Quantum Computing, Quantum Initiatives, Quantum Networks, Quantum Simulation and Further Information.

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If you want to get a closer look at quantum computing right now, you can use simulators to get a good start in the world of QuBits, quantum networks and tap-proof quantum protocols. The article offers practical examples of simulation software and platforms.

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