The WiN-Lab

The WiN-Lab develops software and tools on behalf of the DFN. Additionally it investigates topics important for the future of the X-WiN. The X-WiN is the German research network which is carried by the DFN. This network connects universities, research institutions and research-related companies in Germany with each other, as well as with scientific networks in Europe and other continents. With connection capacities of up to 200 Gigabit/s and a multi-terabit core network, X-WiN is one of the most powerful communication networks worldwide. Funded by the DFN-Verein, the WiN-Labor has been located at the Regional Computing Center (RRZE) of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg since 1992 with the start of the then “2-Mbit-WiN-Labor Project”.

Currently, the WiN-Lab is mainly engaged in research on quantum networks and techniques for time synchronization in the network.

The two application areas 'Time&Frequency' (T&F) and 'Quantum Communication' (QuC) have special technical requirements for data networks. For the transfer of high-quality signals, T&F requires bi-directional amplification, which in conventional data networks requires the signals to be...

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