In addition to its role as the university’s IT service provider, the computing center supports research and development projects. In the RRZE Communications Department, these projects are usually acquired through the DFN-Verein (the association for the promotion of a German research network) or the EU and are carried out by the Network Research Group.

  • WiN-Lab: Funded by the DFN-Verein, the WiN-Lab was established in 1992 with the start of the then “2-Mbit WiN Lab Project” at the Regional Computing Center (RRZE) of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The staff of the WiN-Lab belongs to the Network Research Group of the RRZE’s Communications Department.
  • Cooperation projects: The Network Research Group works in various cooperative projects, also on an international level, with the DFN. The main focus is on monitoring and performance, as well as network architectures for orchestration, automation and virtualization in the network. Currently also quantum networks are investigated.


Version: 29.02.2024