Time&Frequency and Quantum Communication in X-WiN

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An overall picture for Time&Frequency and Quantum Communication in the X-WiN

The two application areas ‘Time&Frequency’ (T&F) and ‘Quantum Communication’ (QuC) have special technical requirements for data networks.

For the transfer of high-quality signals, T&F requires bi-directional amplification, which in conventional data networks requires the signals to be decoupled and re-coupled at each amplifier location, which in turn requires special technical and operational expenditure. At least in the development phase, but sometimes also in the long term, QuC requires data networking that is separate from the usual data communication.

Therefore, in addition to the X-WiN, a limited, additional and separate fiber optic network (QuC-T&F network) financed by the federal government (and possibly some federal states) and operated by the DFN association should be installed, which will be used in the coming decade for research, development and use of applications in both areas without being affected by the operational requirements of other data communications.

Such a German QuC-T&F network would also be the natural starting point for cooperating with other national and European networks currently being set up in both areas.

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An overall picture for Time&Frequency and quantum communication in X-WiN
Peter Kaufmann, Susanne Naegele-Jackson. April 2022